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remote backup on tape drive

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remote backup on tape drive

Hell All,

I need to take the backup of OS filesystem and the data filesystem of packages of HP-UX MC service Guard.

The Problem is that there is no backup tool installed as well as there is no local tape drive attached.

So, i have to take backup on remote tape drive which is attached with the another HP-UX box.

And the backup would be fully restorable bcoz here the requirements are that after takin backup we will crash one of the node and try to recoverd with the backup.

So please suggest me the best backup commands/script by which i can take the backup/restore on the reote tape drive.

The size of the data would be around 60GB and the OS installed is 11.31.

Jim Walls
Trusted Contributor

Re: remote backup on tape drive

If you can, use the other HP-UX server to create an Ignite backup (make_net_recovery) of the first server. This assumes you have sufficient space available on the Ignite server.

Alternatively use fbackup to create a backup on the remote server's tape drive.

fbackup -f remotehost:/dev/rmt .....

See man fbackup