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remote printer configuration

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remote printer configuration

Hello team,

Actually i need to configure a remote printer in HP-uX 11.31 which is in mc serviceguard with below requirements.

1)Every page should come with the tile/banner in the top
2)Print should come with sequence id of 4 digit
0001 to 9999 and after 9999 it should recycle to 0001
3)And when the print come i should be able to know from which node it is coming is it from Node A or from Node B.

Please any one know regarding the requested information kindly let me know.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: remote printer configuration

Do you truly mean a remote printer? That is, a printer that is attached to a print server? Or do you mean a printer that is attached to the network?

A truly remote printer has very limited configuration options.


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Re: remote printer configuration

as far as I know, none of the existing model scripts for network printers will meet the specifications you noted.

And "remote" printers, where the file is actually processed on a different system, don't either.

I'd suggest that you "pre-process" the file with somehthing like "pr" and then print it.

You could write a "wrapper" script for "lp" that would do what you want.