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Re: remsh protocol to be used

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remsh protocol to be used

Hi ,


we have app and db split setup.

In turn to take db backup we are using remsh in our backup scripts , i would like to know whether it is secured one from audit point of view and if not then which protocol or service i should go for ??


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Re: remsh protocol to be used



The "r-shell" utilities are hopelessly insecure and should be replaced with SSH (of which 'scp' and 'sftp' are a part).  Connection authentication and data exchange are encrypted when you use SSH.  This adds a bit of CPU overhead and makes file transfers a bit slower than using the cleartext counterparts like FTP, but is a *must* in today's world.


Syntatically, changing from 'remsh' to 'ssh' is a virtual no-brainer.





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Re: remsh protocol to be used



To reiterate for emphasis, No, the UNIX r-commands *are not* secure from an audit perspective or any other.  All the network traffic is in the clear and there is little or no authentication.  As stated, you need to use secure shell (ssh) in place of any/all of the unix-r commands as well as telnet and ftp.


Check out the users' guide at for instructions on how to use ssh up to and including publick key authentication which you'll need in order to secure your back up scripts.


Hope that helps.  Post additional questions if and as needed.


Doug O"Leary

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Re: remsh protocol to be used

Thanks Doug .