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reset root passwd

Kranti Mahmud
Honored Contributor

reset root passwd

Dear Bosses,

Any suggestion regarding the following issue:

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > boot
Interact with IPL (Y, N, or Cancel)?> y

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 0

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.43 Apr 12, 2000

ISL> hpux -is

: disk(0/1/1/;0)/stand/vmunix
12046336 + 2289664 + 6133104 start 0x1ffae8

alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC from 0xfffffff0f0c00000 to 0x3f901000.
LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted
gate64: sysvec_vaddr = 0xc0002000 for 2 pages
NOTICE: autofs_link(): File system was registered at index 3.
NOTICE: cachefs_link(): File system was registered at index 4.
NOTICE: nfs3_link(): File system was registered at index 5.
td: claimed Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage card at 0/2/1/0
igelan0: INITIALIZING HP PCI 1000Base-T Core at hardware path 0/1/2/0
igelan1: INITIALIZING HP A6825-60101 PCI 1000Base-T Adapter at hardware path 0/4/1/0

System Console is on the Built-In Serial Interface
Logical volume 64, 0x3 configured as ROOT
Logical volume 64, 0x2 configured as SWAP
Logical volume 64, 0x2 configured as DUMP
Swap device table: (start & size given in 512-byte blocks)
entry 0 - major is 64, minor is 0x2; start = 0, size = 8388608
Starting the STREAMS daemons-phase 1
Checking root file system.
log replay in progress
replay complete - marking super-block as CLEAN
Root check done.
Create STCP device files
Starting the STREAMS daemons-phase 2
$Revision: vmunix: vw: -proj selectors: CUPI80_BL2000_1108 -c 'Vw for CUPI80_BL2000_1108 build' -- cupi80_bl2000_1108 'CUPI80_BL2000_1108' Wed Nov 8 19:24:56 PST 2000 $
Memory Information:
physical page size = 4096 bytes, logical page size = 4096 bytes
Physical: 4192256 Kbytes, lockable: 3125188 Kbytes, available: 3601364 Kbytes

/dev/vg00/lvol1: 11 BLK(S) MISSING
/dev/vg00/lvol1: BAD CYLINDER GROUPS (FIXED)
/dev/vg00/lvol1: 158 files, 0 icont, 7644 used, 31698 free (250 frags, 3931 blocks)
insf: Installing special files for ipmi instance 0 address 16
ln: Warning! /stand/krs/_stand_vmunix.krs and /stand/krs_lkg//_stand_vmunix.krs are identical
ln: Warning! /stand/krs/system.krs and /stand/krs_lkg//system.krs are identical

Starting EMC PowerPath.

INIT: Overriding default level with level 's'


INIT: Running /sbin/sh
# passwd root
Old password:
# passwd
Usage: passwd [ name ]
Options not available using /sbin/passwd
Must invoke /bin/passwd to use options


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Re: reset root passwd

Hi Kranit,

1st of all your "LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted".
Post the output of
ll /sbin/passwd
ll /etc/passwd

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Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: reset root passwd

run fsck to fix file system consistency check and interactive repair & than mount /usr and try changing the password

also refer to below thread
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Re: reset root passwd

For trusted systems,
#vi /tcb/files/auth/r/root

And change the line with u_pwd.


remove the encrypted string.



Re: reset root passwd

you are in single user mode .. and it seems /usr is not mounted ..
mount /usr

then run the command /bin/passwd

i think it would work then