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restore /usr

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David DiBiase
Frequent Advisor

restore /usr

I have been asked to restore /usr on a k570
At some point /usr/was moved from vg00 to vg06
the disk where vg06 resided was trashed.

any ideas would be most appreciated.

Valued Contributor

Re: restore /usr


Do you have another disk that you can replace the trashed disk with or another disk where you can create a new /usr?

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: restore /usr

/usr is of course a critical system resource, and all the HP-UX backup tools are located in that directory. Now if you have not rebooted, don't reboot!! Most of the existing kernel processes will continue to run without /usr. Make sure you have one or more root user logins active. Make sure the value for the shell timeout ($TMOUT) does not exist or set it to TMOUT=0.

Now you need to find a source for /usr that matches your current system. Note that there may be patches that will be different on different systems and critical libraries (/usr/lib) may not quite match. If you have a tar backup of this machine that includes /usr, use the tar command found in /sbin to restore /usr. Otherwise, you can restore from another similar HP-UX system. However, the /usr from another system may be a checkerboard of files with different versions, so you may need to reinstall all patches on the system for stability.

Otherwise, you'll have to reinstall.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
David DiBiase
Frequent Advisor

Re: restore /usr

New disk installed
need to restore the volume group next (?)
I am told we have some 'sort of' recent tar tapes - searching through boxes