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Regular Advisor


Hi All!

My rx8620 with HP_UX 11.23 has just crashed. The active disk was not mirrored so no altenate boot option available. I have replaced the harddisk and i have full backup of the OS which i took last Sunday. Though it is not IGNITE BACKUP. What should i do. Do I re-install the Hp-ux and restore the backup for me to bring the server up to the point at which it crashed?

Hope to here from you soon

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: restore

That would be your only option at this point. The beauty of an Ignite tape is that you can reload your root VG, including your backup software and then use that backup software to reload the rest of the data you might need. In your situation, you need to get the OS bits loaded back and the only way is to install.


Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: restore

Did you try to find out why your server got crash ?
you can boot your server through OS DVD and select the re-configure option before going to install the same.

If you dont have ignite backup then you need to reinstall everything and then restore from backup tape.