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rp3440 , ID the source of scsi errors

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rp3440 , ID the source of scsi errors

I have an RP3440 with scsi errors showing in dmesg. All disks show CLAIMED in ioscan -fnkC disk, all disks return data from diskinfo -V.   An excerpt from dmesg:

blkno: 14390055, sectno: 28780110, offset: 1850514432, bcount: 2048.

SCSI: Async write error -- dev: b 31 0x032000, errno: 126, resid: 4096,
        blkno: 14123968, sectno: 28247936, offset: 1578041344, bcount: 4096.


is there a way to identify the disk generating errors with the data from dmesg?

On sun, we could use iostat -e to display errors for specific disks. Is there a

similar command on HP?



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Holger G

Re: rp3440 , ID the source of scsi errors



the following part of the message is pointing to the device "dev: b 31 0x032000", and it decodes to "c3t2d0".
So please check your ioscan -fn output for this device file.

You may check the device with diskinfo command and Online Diagnostics (Support Tools Manager).
 # diskinfo -v /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0
 # mstm  (menu driven version of Support Tools Manager)



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Re: rp3440 , ID the source of scsi errors

In the dmesg error message, the string after "dev:" is the key.

b 31 0x032000
  •  "b" means it is a block device.
  • 31 is the major device number. Looking at the "Block" column of the "lsdev" output, we'll find that the driver for that major number is "sdisk", so it is a SCSI disk device (= not a tape device or any other type of SCSI device)
  • 0x032000 is the minor device number. As we already know this is a block device for a disk, we can just run "ll /dev/dsk | grep 0x032000" to find the device. Alternatively, we could split the hexadecimal number into components: 0x is just the indicator that the number is hexadecimal, 03 is the controller number, 2 is the SCSI target ID and the next number is the LUN number.

So the device that is producing the errors would seem to be /dev/dsk/c3t2d0. In a default installation with no external storage devices, that could be the top-most disk slot in the server's front panel (it's the only one with the target ID #2), but you should verify the hardware path of the disk with "ioscan -fnCdisk" to be sure.


In a rp3440, the hardware paths are:

  • disk slot 0: 0/1/1/0.0.0 (= device c2t0d0 in a default installation)
  • disk slot 1: 0/1/1/0.1.0 (= device c2t1d0 in a default installation)
  • disk slot 2: 0/1/1/1.2.0 (= device c3t2d0 in a default installation)
  • DVD drive: 0/0/2/ (= device c0t0d0 in a default installation)

Re: rp3440 , ID the source of scsi errors

TYVM. That's exactly the info I needed!