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rp7410 question

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rp7410 question

I am logged into a rp7410 and i do not find any files under /var/tombstones. Is this normal? Should it not have the ts* files? Ver 11.11.


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Re: rp7410 question

a) Do you have the online diagnostics installed?

swlist | grep OnlineDiag

If the diagnostics package is not installed, the tombstones will not be collected.

In my opinion, you should *always* have the diagnostics installed: the diagnostics package is a valuable tool if you have hardware problems.

The latest diagnostics package is available at Search for "Online Diag" to find it.

Direct link to download page:

b) If the diagnostics package is installed, but /etc/rc.config.d/pdcinfo has the pdcinfo variable set to 0, tombstone generation is disabled.

The tombstone files are small and if there are more than 100 files, the oldest ones are automatically removed. I think there is no good technical reason to disable tombstones, unless you have a very old system with tiny disks (which rp7410 isn't).

Michael Steele_2
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Re: rp7410 question


Never heard of or seen that unless /var/tombstones had its own mount point and file system and needed to be mounted. Check your /etc/fstab file.
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