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rx2620 OS installation

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Jean Samarani
Frequent Advisor

rx2620 OS installation

Hello guys,

we have two rx2620 servers that we would like to install on them Bind. ( don't have access them yet )

1. Could you please advise what HP-UX release can be supported on this type of hardware ?

2. How to install the lastest patches?

3. Is there any guide that you could provide me for the OS installation? Any useful "in a nutshell commands" for Hp-UX

and last but not least question, if the OS is already installed do you advise doing the installation again from scratch?

thanks a lot for your help!

Trusted Contributor

Re: rx2620 OS installation

please go through mannual ,you will get all the information about this server.


Operating systems supported by this hardware
rx2600: HP-UX 11i v1.6, v2 and v3
rx2620: HP-UX 11i v2 and v3

try to get latest relese of hpux 11 iv3 ,update 7 September 2010.then you no need to install any patches,

Read the following guide for installing configuring 11 iv3
Jean Samarani
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2620 OS installation

Hi nijokj,

Thanks for your reply,

however, what is the procedure to get the latest release?

hpux 11 iv3, update 7 September 2010

Could you please advise?

thanks a lot!

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: rx2620 OS installation

The server comes with the installation DVDs. To obtain the latest version (version 7), you'll need to purchase a software support contract from HP, or purchase the DVDs from your local HP representative.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Trusted Contributor

Re: rx2620 OS installation

For fresh installation you need to purchace 11i v3 update7 licence from HP. For that you can contact HP sales team or HP local represantative.

If you have 11i v3 installed with older updates you can download and install update 7 on your server because your server will support 11i v3 update 7.

if you have other 11i versions installed HP will offering good deals for getting upgrade it to 11i v3 ,with less support cost and more benefits.

Jean Samarani
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2620 OS installation

Thanks guys for your update.

@ nijokj,

Just want to make sure that v3 is supported for this type of hardware because it's only mentioned v2 in the above link for rx2620:

Standard System Features
Four Operating System support: HP UX 11i version 2 (September 2006 Update required for dual-core processors), Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Linux RHEL4U3 (AS and ES) and SUSE SLES 9 SP3, and OpenVMS (V8.3 minimum version required for dual-core processors, available September 2006)

Re: rx2620 OS installation

>Just want to make sure that v3 is supported for this type of hardware because it's only mentioned v2 in the above link for rx2620:

I would assume that the hardware documentation only lists the first HP-UX version. If you want HP-UX support from the OS side, see the HP-UX 11i Support Matrix:

It says Yes for 11.31.