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rx4640: boot failure

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Di Xu
Occasional Advisor

rx4640: boot failure

Hi all,

My rx4640 can not boot to Linux now.
I disabled the "quiet" flag in elilo.conf. After loading the kernel, the system automatically reset when it go to the step which output "free unused kernel memory: "....

Sometimes the LED labeled "system" turn red.

I guess the failure point is around handling the hard disk.

I reinstalled Linux (leave /home and /home2 unchanged), but the problem still remains.

BTW, it print a warning like "system event log is full" before booting to EFI. I don't know if this matters.

System FW: 4.28
BMC: 4.06
MP: E.03.30

Can someone help me?
Many thanks in advance!

Honored Contributor

Re: rx4640: boot failure

Red system LED usually indicates hardware problems. The system event log would have more information.

Amber system LED would be just a generic "new events in system event log, please look at it".

"System event log is full" definitely indicates there's something you should look at.

The system event log is accessible through the MP. Use the SL command in the MP main menu. The error log is probably the most important one. Change the view mode to "text" before listing the log entries to make it easier to understand.

The "keyword" mode is useful when sending the log to HP support: it is more compact, but special support utilities may be required to decode all the information.

If the system event log indicates a hardware problem, and you have a support agreement, attach a copy of your event log to the support case.

Di Xu
Occasional Advisor

Re: rx4640: boot failure

It's so weird. I entered the MP console, did nothing but cleared all the logs (the last log is about 3 months ago). While the system successfully booted and seems working well, at least for now...

I don't know if this is an accidental phenomena. I would like to let this thread open. If I encounter the same problem, I would put some logs here.

Thanks very much!