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samx buss error for audit events

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samx buss error for audit events

2 of the the audit samx work fine:
# /usr/sam/lbin/samx -s ts_syscalls /usr/sam/lib/C/ts.ui
# /usr/sam/lbin/samx -s ts_users /usr/sam/lib/C/ts.ui

However the audit events bus errors:
# /usr/sam/lbin/samx -s ts_events /usr/sam/lib/C/ts.ui
Bus error(coredump)

Anyone else having this problem?

Server is Itanium rx2660.
Just finished updated Mar 2010 Versions and Apr Patches.
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Re: samx buss error for audit events

My solution is remove the samx side of the audit events and use the web based from smh.

rm /opt/hpsmh/data/htdocs/xlaunch/xml/sam_ts.xml

sorry to bother everyone,
should of know samx was being depreciated.

the Auditing and Security Attributes Configuration(web-based)
work just fine.