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san path

Super Advisor

san path

Hi All,

We have a very mixed env which has many hp server models ranging from L Class to ia and OS HPUX 11:0 to 11.31 . I 'm trying to find out what commands or utility that i can use to determin the HBA on these servers ? whether it is fc or not ? type of mutipathing? etc
Any suggestions are much appreciated
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Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: san path

ioscan -fnC fc

to display fibre channel adapters.

Check also for an additional software installed for multipath/powerpath. For 11.31 SAN multipath comes with the OS.

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: san path


Older 11.00 boxes will use /dev/td* device paths while newer will use /dev/fc*. Verify this easily with,

ll /dev/td*
ll /dev/fc*
-and- as stated above
ioscan -fnC fc (* maybe even td *)
swlist -l fileset | grep -i tachyon
fcmsutil /dev/fc# vpd
powermt display (* for power patch, and EMC product *)
vgdisplay -v (* alternate links are pvlinks *)
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