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scons for HPUX

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scons for HPUX

Hi All, Can someone let me know how to install scons on HPUX ? I do not see scons available for HPUX at scons web site , . Thanks in advance. Thanks & Regards, Mariappan
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Re: scons for HPUX

scons is Python-based, so it should run on any system that has a working Python interpreter (currently Python version 2.4 or newer is required, and Python 3 is too new).


First install a version of Python. It is available in the HP-UX Internet Express kit for 11iv2 and 11iv3 (i.e. can be downloaded for free from If you have 11iv1, your HP-UX installation media kit should include an Internet Express CD, which might contain a version of Python that is new enough for scons.


Alternatively, there is a version of Python available in the Porting Archive.


After that, follow the instructions in Chapter 1.3 of the scons User Guide: Building and Installing scons on Any System.


If you want scons to be installable using swinstall, you will need to write a Product Specification File for it and use the swpackage command to package it.