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scp from windows to hpux 11.23

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scp from windows to hpux 11.23

HI Team,


i  need to establish passwordless scp from windows  box to my hpux server 11.23 .bascially i want to take a file from hpux box and put it in my windows box using scp .i have downloaded F-secure ssh for windows server and crated public key.then copied over to my user /home/test/.ssh/authorized_keys  ..but still it is asking for passwd during scp there anything i need to copy to windows box(client) as well?







Re: scp from windows to HP-UX 11.23

You could try using  -vvv to see where it is failing.


Please be more clear.  On what system are you running scp?  Are you copying from what to what?


Basically the private key must be on the system where you are running ssh.  The public key on the other.

If you want to run ssh on both, then both keys must be on each machine.

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Re: scp from windows to hpux 11.23

F-secure SSH uses a slightly different format for SSH public keys than the OpenSSH-based HP-UX SSH.


Fortunately, the ssh-keygen command can easily convert the keys between the commercial and OpenSSH formats.


Take the public key file from the Windows server and run this command on it on the HP-UX:

ssh-keygen -i -f >

(Option -i means "import", i.e. converting the "foreign" format to the "native" format for HP-UX SSH. The -e option would be "export", if you need to make the conversion the opposite way. I think the F-Secure SSH for Windows has similar conversion functions, although it naturally considers the commercial format the native one.)


Then add the contents of the file to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys of the appropriate user.


Both key file formats are text-based: the OpenSSH public key is a single long line, while the commercial-format key is multiple lines. If you view both files side by side to compare them, you'll see that the actual key content is the same in both cases.