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sendmail is sending duplicate email messages

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sendmail is sending duplicate email messages

When Apps send email to any individual or group of people, get duplicate messages. There are several sendmail options in /etc/mail/ file, which will effect to this. Following, some of options are get remarked and getting default value. Does anyone know, how to fix this problem?

#O CheckpointInterval=10
#O Timeout.queuereturn.dsn=5d
#O MinQueueAge=30m
#O DialDelay=0s

When I checked the headers of the duplicate mails to see the smtp id of the messages. It should be same if it was created by the same sendmail process which sent all the duplicates. I found the 2 seperate msgid on SMTP for the same message


I've checked application logs and that is showing only one message being sent but the message for that user always have two messages. It sends exactly two messages everytime to any user whenever application send one message using sendmail.

I've also checked at SMTP and it is also showing me 2 separate msgid with exact time interval of 1:02 seconds with same message, sendor and receiver. Total bytes is updating by 1 or 2 number on following email.
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: sendmail is sending duplicate email messages

Extrange indeed. Can you attach your maillog file? What about aliases? How are they configured?
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Re: sendmail is sending duplicate email messages

Sorry, we haven't collected mail logs. I need to ask our Unix team to start logs and for alias settings. will get back to you.