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sftpg3 issue

Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

sftpg3 issue

Hi Talents,
os version:hp-ux11.23
We created a user "laams" on a pre-production server(skings100),and need to do a sftpg3 to another server.We created ssh trust for the password less login also.The first time it was working fine.
But now the issue is, from the skings100 server if ithe laams user tries to do the sftpg3 it not connecting
("$sftpg3 laams@")...........

But if i login to my id or any other id its
its is connecting with same user
my id:test1
/home/test1> sftpg3 laams@ ..
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: sftpg3 issue


Check the numeric user id of both users in /etc/passwd on both systems.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

Re: sftpg3 issue

Thank you for your reply,

Numeric uid for the user "laams" on both servers are same.As i mentioned earlier,at the creation time we tested the user laams.It was successful, We successfully run a batch file also ,uses the below method.
login as laams user

laams> sftpg3 -B ls.bat laams@
There was no error.

But now when i login as laams user,it does't allow to login to target,but from any other id for the same user(laams) it is possible to login as i mentioned earlier...