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shadowing passwd in /etc/shadow

Bala S_3
Occasional Visitor

shadowing passwd in /etc/shadow

hi all,

Can we shadow the passwords in /etc/shadow file in tru64 5.1A and OSF 4.0F without the enhanced security ?

My basic intention is to find an authentication solution for non-tru64 NIS clients (linux and SCO) through the Tru64 NIS master server without distributing the encrypted password text in NIS.

Your help in this regard will be appreciated.
Bala S

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: shadowing passwd in /etc/shadow

no there is no way to use /etc/shadow without enhanced security enabled. Otherwise you must write your own handling library (matrix.conf and siacfg setup).

The third authentication method is to use the ldap client (from internet express distribution) or to configure ssl for file transfers.
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