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shared appl_top in EBS 12.0 - what is required from OS?

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shared appl_top in EBS 12.0 - what is required from OS?


I have a customer who has BL860c servers and EVA6400

Customer configuration:
1) BL860c blades in C7000 enclosure, HP-UX 11i V3.
2) EVA6400 storage
3) Oracle E-Biz suite release 12

1) Customer wants to use oracle shared appl_top for the application tier servers, wherein same storage LUN should be mounted on all application servers as filesystems. One of the filesystem is read-write. How can this be achieved. Customer does not have HP cluster solution.

Is HP cluster solution mandatory for the above to work?

2) Is File services on EVA6400 supported with HP-UX? Will having such file services solve the above requirement?
Please suggest If there are any other options.

I am sure many would have done this implementation. They can share their experience and expertise.

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