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Need help in using show_patches command.

How to retrieve patch version, date, installed by; ussing show_patches command.
Also what is equivalent to an application of windows in HP UX system?
As I want to get application installed on a HP UX system and swlist is giving me patches, bundles, depot etc.
How I can get only applications and only patches.

Thanks and Regards
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Re: show_patches

#swlist -l patch
a warrior never quits
F Verschuren
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Re: show_patches

swlist -v -l patch
will show you all the details needed.

IT Response
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Re: show_patches

/usr/contrib/bin/show_patches > patches.txt

Check man show_patches
Will give you
# show_patches [-a] [-s] [-i] [-o] [-t] [-d target] [-l product|fileset]

-a Display the active patches on the system. Active patches are those which have been installed but not superseded by newer patches on the target.
-s Display the superseded patches on the system. Superseded patches are those that have been superseded by newer patches installed on the target.
-d target
Specify a target system or depot to analyze. Defaults to local system.
-i Display any Special Installation Instructions associated with any listed patch. The Special Installation Instructions document manual operations that may be required for successful installation.
-o Display any Other Dependencies associated with any listed patch. These are optional or complex dependencies that may require manual processing.
-t Do not list a patch unless it is displaying Special Installation Instructions or Other Dependencies.
-l level
Display the patch information at the SD product or fileset level. Note: This option is ignored if the "-i" or "-o" options are selected.
Suraj K Sankari
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Re: show_patches


Here is the command to show the patches

swlist -l patch

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Re: show_patches

Hi Kunal,

show_patches -(ioaldts)

Use the options to get the exact information abt the patch.

And additonally check,

swlist -l bundle
swlist -l fileset
swlist -l patch
use grep -i with this option to find exact name.


Re: show_patches

>How I can get only applications

As Analyst mentioned, you can use "swlist -l bundle" or "swlist -l product" to list all of the SD bundles and SD products on the system.
This will work for every application installed with swinstall.