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Re: simple normal cluster

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simple normal cluster


i want to know how to configure the simple cluster in RHEL?with out to perform the activity?(RHEL 4,and 5.)what are the steps need to perform?

ex:if i m having storage and presenting luns to the particular servers.creating mount this case one server goes to down the all mount points should automatically switchover to second stand by server.

Seenivasan P
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Re: simple normal cluster

Cluster without PKG?
You mean just High Storage Availability?

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: simple normal cluster

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Re: simple normal cluster

You have 3 Options. Pick one which best suites your need.

1.) Redhat Cluster + CLVM+ext2/3/4 filesystems

You will need to install RHCS. strongly adviced you install ricci and luci and carve your cluster using Conga.

Google for the best recipe, HOWTO that suits you.
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: simple normal cluster

2.) Redhat Cluster + GFS2 (Clustered storage)
(best easy to follow "recipe" on the subject)

You will NOT be using LVM here but simple/SAN disks.

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: simple normal cluster

3.) Use Oracle Cluster Filesystem

Easiest to implement IMHO. FREE.

Many any recipes out there too plus an official recipe on Oracle's web site.
Hakuna Matata.

Re: simple normal cluster

Hi Seenivasan.

Seeting up a cluster in RHEL5 is a very simple task.
Can you pls clarify what u meant by without packages?
Following are the steps to configure a normal 2 node cluster with service "Filesystem" in RHEL5
Install cman,rgmanager and system-config-cluster rpms.
run system-config-cluster command to access the GUI of cluster configuration utility.
Follow the steps
1.add nodes
2.add failover domain name and add both the nodes to the failover domain created.
3.If you want to add a fence device egs:SAN switch then select the fence device and give proper details
4.add "Filesystem" in resource and give proper details like devs name mount point etc
note:Create a dir in both nodes for mounting the device,but dont ever mount the device locally in any of the server.Let this be mentioned only in cluster,cluster will shift the mount automatically.
5.Add the service,select the "Filesystem" resource in the service the file in /etc/cluser/cluster.conf
7.use send to cluster option to send the same settings to the pair cluster node.

restart cman and rgmanager.

If the config is rigght u can see the service "started" displayed in cluster management tab of system-config-cluster

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Re: simple normal cluster


Pls assign points to Abushad. He just outlined recipe #1.
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: simple normal cluster


There really is nothing simple about clustering.

Assuming you want to use the RHCS suite, your beset bet is to connect at console or via X windows (ssh -X hostname) and run.


The wizard is pretty good.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: simple normal cluster

RHCS Bound?

ricci, luci --- Konga is Best,
Hakuna Matata.