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socket options=TCP_NODELAY

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socket options=TCP_NODELAY


Can someone pls explain:

socket options=TCP_NODELAY

at smb.conf from Samba?

BTW I have Samba Version 3.0.20b installed.
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Re: socket options=TCP_NODELAY

TCP socket options are available for all programs that use TCP and documented on the tcp(7) man page. Use the command "man 7 tcp" to view it on your system.

Quote from that man page:
If set, disable the Nagle algorithm. This means that segments are always sent as soon as possible, even if there is only a small amount of data. When not set, data is buffered until there is a sufficient amount to send out, thereby avoiding the frequent sending of small packets, which results in poor utilization of the network. This option is overridden by TCP_CORK; however, setting this option forces an explicit flush of pending output, even if TCP_CORK is currently set.
In other words: TCP_NODELAY = "don't try to optimize the network traffic; always send everything ASAP, even though some network bandwidth may be wasted in the process."