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spooler data

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

spooler data

Hello Everyone,

I have a kind of stupid question but for some reason I cannot remember where this is.

Where is the actual data held for a print job?

I can find the queues but there is no data.

Any help would be greately appreciated!

Thanks Tim

Re: spooler data

What OS version are you using?
Bob Roell
Honored Contributor

Re: spooler data

Open the Printers folder & go to the Server Properties window. The spool location is displayed (& can be changed) under the Advanced tab.
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Occasional Advisor

Re: spooler data

I think "The spooler is the central coordinating process for the print subsystem. It gives the user flexibility in organizing and optimizing the use of the system's printers. The spooler has a global view of the system's printing resources, particularly in a server environment and therefore is able to make the best use of those resources".

Print job status

Opening a printer object folder displays an icon or detail view of the print jobs waiting in the spooler queue. Opening the settings on an individual job displays the parameters that were used when the job was queued. Some settings, such as the number of copies, can be changed while the print job is waiting in the queue.


I hope this information will help you lot.

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: spooler data

Sorry Everyone for not responding sooner!!!

I am running HP-UX 11i Version 3 on a rp4440 server.

I am looking for where the actual data is put before it is printed. If the printer is not queued for printing but is accepting jobs the actually data must be stored some where.

Thanks Tim

P.S. I will apply points shortly

Re: spooler data

>Where is the actual data held for a print job?

(This is the wrong forum for HP-UX questions.)
In some cases, the original file is used and no copies are made.

Have you looked in /var/spool/?
Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: spooler data

Sorry for being on the wrong forum!!!

I found my solution earlier today.

Thanks everyone for your help!