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squid configuration on rhel6

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squid configuration on rhel6



Our server is RHEL6 and client Ubuntu .


I have set up a network in my lab with 192.168.0. seris ip range . On the server I have configured the dhcp and all the clients are getting ip from this dhcp server .On the server eth0 I am using for the internel LAN and eth1 for the externel IP ( which actually from the internet network) . I have enabled iprouting and iptables so that all the request comes from the clinet server will go to eth1 through eth0 .

The issue is with the proxy server . Actually our organization has another proxy server in the range 172.168.x.x . When I use this proxy server and the port 80 on the client   I will get internet on clinet . Also this proxy server has authentication .

What should I do to access the internet on the client server with out using this proxy server ip , Instead I wated to use my server ip (eth0) as the proxy server. I already configured the proxy server . But as this has the  authentication , how I can pass through the authentication .means IF I access the internet from my clinet it should not ask for password and loginname . and I have to use ( eth0 ) ip of server as proxy server


Please suggest a solution