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/stand/vmunix file is not Exec

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/stand/vmunix file is not Exec


i have HPUX 10.20 Loaded on HP-B2600 Machine.
I have restarted my PC and 0n booting prompt, after recognising the scsi.6.0 as primary path its gives the following msg.

Exec Failed cant find /stand/vmunix or /vmunix

As cause of above message its not booting on primary path.

Any commands to detect thh HDD as secondary in Unix.
Or by HPUX 10.20 Cd, whether this is recovrable?

Pls Guide,
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Re: /stand/vmunix file is not Exec

Thanx a lot for the suggestion & providing guideline for recovery.
I have tried following solution from the link & manual mentioned below & still stuck at one place following is the screen message during the activity. Please suggest the forward path.

Installing and Updating Workstation Additional Core Enhancementsfor HP-UX 10.20 (June 1999): HP 9000 Computers > Chapter 4 HP-UX System Recovery

"Expert" Recovery Using the Core Media DEVICE FILE VERIFICATION MENU

This menu is used to specify the path of the root file system.When the information is correct, select 'a'.
INFORMATION to verify:
Device file used for '/'(ROOT) is c1t6d0
The path to disk is 56/52.6.0 Select one of the following:
a. The above information is correct.
b. WRONG!! The device file used for '/'(ROOT) is incorrect.
m. Return to the 'HP-UX Recovery MENU.' x. Exit to the shell.
NOTE: If '/' is an LVM, use an 's1lvm' suffix (e.g.,c0t1d0s1lvm).

20.Assuming the root device file is incorrect, select b. You will be prompted to enter the correct device file name:

Enter the device file associated with the '/'(ROOT) file system. (example: c1t6d0):
23.Assuming that the bootlif path is correct, enter a; the following menu is displayed:

FILE SYSTEM CHECK MENU The file system check '/sbin/fs/hfs/fsck -y /dev/rdsk/c2t6d0' will now be run.
Select one of the following:
a. Run fsck -y .
b. Prompt for the fsck run string on c1t1d0.
m. Return to the 'HP-UX Recovery MENU.'

24.Select a to run fsck -y to check your file system for corruption; you will see a display similar to the following:

** /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0** Last Mounted on /stand
** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
**can not read BLK 32 continue ? Yes

After this no further activity is done by the workstation.

I have attached word document of the guide manual which was used to resolve the issue