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stopping gated

Adam Noble
Super Advisor

stopping gated

One of the team has just started gated on one of our servers. It appears to have changed the routing and caused us a few issues. How can I stop gated I appreciate I may have to recreate the routes after this?
Honored Contributor

Re: stopping gated

I don't know a thing about gated, but "man gated" says:

Graceful shutdown.

On receipt of a SIGTERM, gated attempts a graceful shutdown. All tasks and protocols are asked to shutdown. Most will terminate immediately, the exception being EGP peers which wait for confirmation. It may be necessary to repeat the SIGTERM once or twice if it this process takes too long.

All protocol routes are removed from the kernel's routing table on receipt of a SIGTERM. Interface routes, routes with RTF_STATIC set (from the route command where supported) and static routes specifying retain will remain. To terminate gated with the exterior routes intact, use SIGKILL.

In other words, just use the regular "kill" command, then wait a while. It will even automatically remove any entries it has added to the routing table.