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stty: : Not a typewriter

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stty: : Not a typewriter

Hi Gurus,


We are facing an issue while running a control-m job in hp-ux. The control-m jobs logs in as teh controlm unix account and then does an su to the application account for running the job.

The job fails with the below error - 


login. STDERR -->>

stty: : Not a typewriter

Not a terminal

stty: : Not a typewriter

stty: : Not a typewriter


Please help in resolving this issue.


Thanks in advance

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Re: stty: : Not a typewriter

[ Edited ]

The job is probably not failing due to the stty error messages.

However, the errors are caused by the archaic profiles that HP-UX has for user logins. They are designed ONLY for interactive use, not batch as in cron jobs or scripts. These programs (not a complete list) are only functional when there is a terminal connected:



 Here's a link with replacement /etc/profile and .profile listings that will skip interactive commands in batch mode: