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stty: : Not a typewriter


stty: : Not a typewriter

hi guys,

              i'm really having problems with my hpux boot. when ever i restart my hpux box,it take longer time than usual to finish booting so i decided to loging through the mp to monitor the boot process and what i realized was that, it give this error "stty: : Not a typewriter" and give a lot of dots when starting up the services.can someone help me to get rid of this error please.




Re: stty: : Not a typewriter

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Re: stty: : Not a typewriter

Hi ,

You can check files  /etc/rc.config,d/  for any misconfiguration, 

The cause for more dot is some profile related issue seems to be, and it slows down the hp-ux startup process.



Raj D.

Bill Hassell
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Re: stty: : Not a typewriter

If your system used to work normally, then look in /etc/rc.config.d for junk files. There can be *NO* junk files in this diretory. That includes old copies of edited files, temporary files, anything that is not to be used during bootup. To halp find these recent additions, use:


ls -lrt /etc/rc.config.d


This will show the most recently added and changed files at the end of the list.


Here is another possibility:

Bill Hassell, sysadmin