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swacl error

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swacl error

Hi all,

I am trying to execute rda_hpux(remote diagnostic agent for oracle db).However I am getting the execute permission denied.But permissions are fine

-r-xr-xr-x 1 oracle dba 93631 Apr 17 16:42 rda_hpux

here is the error I am getting with swinstall

ERROR: "devhp4:/": You do not have the required permissions to
select this target. Check permissions using the "swacl"
command or see your system administrator for assistance. Or,
to manage applications designed and packaged for nonprivileged
mode, see the "run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man page.
* Target connection failed for "devhp4:/".

WARNING: The ACL stored in file "/var/adm/sw/products/ifiles/_OWNER"
contains hostname(s) which could not be resolved.
ERROR: Access denied. The user does not have the necessary (w)rite or
(i)nsert permission for the target "/". Please modify your
permissions using the "swacl" command. pid=5119 04/20/09
13:22:36 BST

How to proceed further..
Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: swacl error


Are you trying to install "remote diagnostic agent for oracle db" using swinstall?

register the depot using swreg command then install.
Best wishes,

Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: swacl error

If you are trying to "push" software to a remote node from a local depot, make sure you have root privileges on the remote server.

If this is a local swinstall session, make sure your effective UID is 0, i.e., login name is root. If it is, you might want to try restarting swagentd

# swagentd -r

If this also does not help, you need to post more details about your problem for further help.

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