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swap process

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swap process

in swap process,,,

first the process is done in pages and if page is full its then go to swap memory and then to main memory,

and what does pseudo swap do..

@ what time pseudo swap id used
Viktor Balogh
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Re: swap process

Pseudo-swap space allows for the use of system memory as a third type of swap space. That is, HP-UX swap space can also consist of up to seven-eighths (87.5%) of system memory capacity.

For example, a computer with one GB of system memory and one GB of device and file system swap, can run up to 1.87 GB of processes. If any process attempts to grow or be created beyond this extended threshold, the process will fail.

When using pseudo-swap, since more processes can be created, the system load increases, causing more paging and deactivation activity.

By default, pseudo-swap space is configured to be available. If you do not wish to make use of it, you will need to re-set the tunable system parameter, swapmem_on, to 0 ("off").
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Re: swap process


Have a look at the 'Swap Space Management' section of the 'HP-UX Memory Management: White Paper'. It explains pseudo-swap fairly well (at least in my opinion):