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swinstall help

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nancy rippey
Trusted Contributor

swinstall help

I am trying to install Ignite 10.20 onto a few of my servers. The install is being done from another server on the network. When I try swinstall on the depot I receive
cannot establish a lock on this target because of an external error (for example, the lock file could not be created.

The depot has been registered.

I re-registered the depot.

I have tried installing from other depots on the same server and am successfull.

I have removed lock files on both servers.

I have killed and restarted swagentd on both ends

Any ideas.

Thanks! nancy
G. Vrijhoeven
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall help


Did you create the propper swacl's ?

Alan Casey
Trusted Contributor

Re: swinstall help

Hi this may help:

If this link fails try search for docid: 200000053472732 in the knowledge base of IT Resource centre
Fred Miller
Senior Member

Re: swinstall help

LInks no longer work?!

Regular Advisor

Re: swinstall help

The posting is from 04-01-2002 02:56 PM and 10.20 is some years out of support.


I guess bad luck in this case.






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