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Super Advisor


Hello ,
can some one explain what does the below command does with (\* @)
swinstall -x match_target=true -x autoreboot=true -s /swa \* @

and what does the below command does.
swa get -p -v -t /swa -x allow_existing_depot=true

thanks much
Learning ...
Bob E Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall

For the swinstall command the "-x match_target=true" asks swinstall to look for new software versions of the products (not patches) already on the system. The "\*" tells SD to install *everything*. Obviously only one of the two is needed. My personal preference is to use match_target with patch_match_target for basic updates, and "\*" only with custom built depots.

The SWA runs in two phases. The first is all about analysis and information. The second (get) is dumb as mud building the solution defined by a prior analysis. This means if the SWA recommended content is placed into an existing depot, analysis is over and the tool cannot warn the users about the horrid content hiding in the depot. For this reason SWA wants to create a depot without any contents. That said, we recognize lots of valid reasons to have existing contents (preload the QPK from media for example) and provide an option to turn off the restriction.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: swinstall


# swinstall -x match_target=true -x autoreboot=true -s /swa \* @

...performs a 'swinstall' session using the full contents ('\*') of a depot at '/swa' into an alternate root directory (which should follow the '@').

# swa get -p -v -t /swa -x allow_existing_depot=true

...tells 'swa' to verbosely ('-v') in preview mode ('-p') get softare into the target ('-t') depot ('/swa') and that adding that software to an existing depot is OK.

The manpages for 'swinstall(1M)' and for 'swa-get(1M)' should answer these questions.