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swremove wireshark

Valued Contributor

swremove wireshark

Dear Gurus ,
i installed wireshark with swinstall from internet CD, but unable to uninstall with swremove, i had alredy restarted the swagent ...here's the error.I tries searching simlar post , but could't find with solution :
vvv#whereis wireshark
wireshark: /usr/bin/wireshark
vvv#swremove wireshark

======= 03/29/09 13:11:50 vvv BEGIN swremove SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=vvv-0020)

* Session started for user "root@vvv".

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for "vvv:/".
ERROR: Could not remove the software selection "wireshark"; it is not
available from depot or root "vvv:/".
* Software selection failed for "vvv:/".
ERROR: Cannot continue the "swremove" task.
* Selection had errors.

======= 03/29/09 13:11:50 vvv END swremove SESSION (non-interactive)

only removing /usr/bin/wireshark will not be clean uninstall .Please suggest.

Honored Contributor

Re: swremove wireshark

"wireshark" is the name of the command, but not necessarily the name of the swinstall package.

Use "swlist | grep -i wireshark" to see the package name. Then use that name with the swremove command to remove the package.

I think the Internet Express packages used to have "ix" prefixed to their names. Maybe the correct name is something like "ixWireshark"?

Valued Contributor

Re: swremove wireshark

Matti , your reply is absolutely correct ,
i did't assigned you perfect points for 2 reasons :
1) you already have the crown, and in you r profile you have alredy many perfect 10 assigned...that too in very less time
2)how could i not have looked into this ?
Thanks ,man !!
Frequent Advisor

Re: swremove wireshark

That's no criteria for assigning a perfect which Matti fully deserves.