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sync ADS with FDS - Solution

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sync ADS with FDS - Solution

1) I'm looking to create a HOWTO to replicate Windows AD with Fedora Directory Server(ver 1.1.3)

2) I am try to create ssl cerficate in fds using setupssl2 script. i created the certificate but when i try to import it into ADS it show the password incorrect, but i gave the correct password.
plz give me solution its better for to give clear procedure for sync AD and FDS

And also i am try to sync two fds server using multi-master replication i follow the RHDS document finally i got error as
replication error acquring replica permission denied error code 3

Replicate Windows AD with FDS
Install certificates, use certutil to import the certificates and set the apropiate attributes.
Issue FDS y Windows AD certificates from the FDS box.
Enable SSL in AD and FDS.
- Enable SSL in password sync.
- Configure the Windoes Sync.

I excepting ur replay as early.

Thanks in advance.

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: sync ADS with FDS - Solution

In this case, you will get better responses from the fedora directory server mailing list and the documentation page:

You should start with Howto:MultiMasterReplication and Howto:WindowsSync
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