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system files backup

Jayesh Thakar
Occasional Contributor

system files backup

Whick type of backup is recomended for unix system files? I want to take full system files backup(/ and /usr). Provide me the procedure to restore the backup.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: system files backup


if you have advfs filesystems, use vdump to backup and vrestore to restore.


Frequent Advisor

Re: system files backup

Hi Jayesh,

To take a full backup for a TRU64 Unix follow this command:

# vdump -0uf /full path of the tape drive/ /the required file system/

for example:

For V5
# vdump -0uf /dev/ntape/tape0_d1 /data

For V4
# vdump -0uf /dev/nrmt0h /data

to restore /data where data is the file system in our example:

be sure that you are in the proper file save set on the tape, and you are in the proper directory on the hard disk say /data as our example then:

For V5:
#cd /data
#vrestore -xf /dev/ntape/tape0_d1

For V4
#cd /data
#vrestore -xf /dev/nrmt0h

Note: VDUMP & VRESTORE are using for ADVFS and UFS Both.

I hope that i gave you the proper answer.

Best Regards,
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