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Re: system name: uninitialized

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Jolene Mellas
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system name: uninitialized

checked the GSP console logs to get the following error message:
System name: uninitialized
Alert level:6 = boot possible, pending failure- action required
Source: 8 = I/O
Source Detail: 9 = serial sourced id: 0
Problem Detail: 3 = functional failure
Caller activity: 1=test status: 0
Caller subactivity: 4c = implementation dependend
reporting entity type: 0=system firmware
reporting enetity id: 0
some hex address type 0 = Data Field Unused
some hex address type 11 = timestamp
5 identical entries for each system reboot date and timestamp. The first entry has a peculiar datestamp of 02/06/2106 and references different hex addresses.

Thanks for any help.

Donny Jekels
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Re: system name: uninitialized

on which box is this gsp?

this message normally appears when you have not initialized the gsp.

you will need to set it up.

login by pressing ctl B (^B)

default password is

type lc for lan console and follow instructions.

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Bharat Katkar
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Re: system name: uninitialized

I receive the same error whenever i go to GSP. I never initialized the System name as of now and nothing seems to be in problem. I took that as a warning.
We hardly go to GSP, in event of any generated logs only.

So it is better to set one but if you don't set it it doesn't matter. Atleast for me.

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Re: system name: uninitialized

Is your problem the "uninitialized" ? if so,

go to GSP and change the name through "LC" command.

But I guess you have some other issue here. I am seeing some function failure for serial interface.

It will be useful if you post the GSP error log here to check further. Also indicate the system model, GSP version, PDC revision of the system.

To check GSP firmware

GSP> help

you will find the firmware revision there.

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