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trouble when running SHC

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trouble when running SHC

I have trouble when to running SHC, I recieve the next message:

shc-cli error ShcCli.cxx 1156 run start: /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli failed.

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Thank you.
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Re: trouble when running SHC


I think I know what is your problem.
In fact, your attachment holds the clue:

... pac-lib-cli ... PAC is already running

a) When SHC runs, you will see several PAC processes, like:

root 29772 29771 0 11:43:35 pts/0 0:07 /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli run-package-library -libr
root 29771 29758 0 11:43:24 pts/0 0:10 /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli start -output /var/opt/hp

b) If you try to run SHC while previous session is already running, you get errors.
For example,:

# /opt/hpsmc/shc/bin/shc -t 12m
20090108T11:45:20 shc-cli info ShcCli.cxx 685 SHC is already running.

c) So, you have a hung PAC session.

d) Otherwise, SHC runs fine on HP-UX 11.11.
Here is the today's run on our HP Education server B2600 (HP-UX star B.11.11 U 9000/785):

# /opt/hpsmc/shc/bin/shc -t 12m

SHC version: 10.00.00
This kit will expire on 31-May-2010

OS Version: B.11.11 U

Job directory is: /var/opt/hpsmc/shc/data/star/shc/20090108114321/

20090108T11:43:24 info Loading profile: /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/profiles/pac-profile.xml
20090108T11:43:25 info Running package /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/packages/
To request a SHCA Report for the analysis,
set transport to smtp or ISEE,
then run the following command :

shc -resend /var/opt/hpsmc/shc/data/star/shc/20090108114321/

or, send the following file :


as an email attachment to with subject "PAC_DATA".


VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic