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tru64 recovery


tru64 recovery

For example I have added a client to the RIS

server and the client is down. I want to

recover the Client and boot the client from

network from the >>> mode.

Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on

root_domain#root 393216 93059 294480 25% /

/proc 0 0 0 100% /proc

usr_domain#usr 2150400 255890 1879376 12% /usr

usr_domain#var 2150400 5153 1879376 1% /var

Before I do the recovery I create the config.cdf on the client and ftp the same to the RIS server
In the /var/adm/ris/clients/sets/profile where profile is the name of the set. I also ftp the
Install.cdf to this directory on the server.

After the recovery of the client will I find the same df –k info on the client and also want to Know If I create some test files in the / ,/usr and /var directory will those also be recovered.