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andrew holloway_3
Occasional Contributor


I need to know if adding the following line will it have any major affect on my system.

this line is to be added to a our ddr.dbase.
we want to see a certain disk type and have have added the required info but I want to see the identifier as well.
so if I add
attributname= rpt_chgbl_dev_ident"
length = 4
will this display the identifier and will it have an impact on my system.
i think it will work and some cofirm.
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: true64

It is not "true64" it is "tru64"!!!

Please be more specific in the topic and post your questions to the right section. Database is not a valid categorie for your question!
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Re: true64


editing ddr.dbase wouldn't work, you need to compile this file

ddr.dbase is a text database file of SCSI CAM device definitions

Dynamic Device Recognition (DDR) is a framework for describing the operating parameters and characteristics of SCSI devices to the SCSI CAM I/O subsystem.

you have to usr utility /sbin/ddr_config.

ddr_config complies the ddr.dbase file into /etc/ddr.db file

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Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: true64

If you have a special entry for non-DEC/CPQ/HP devices in the ddr.dbase, and you now add
AttributeName = "rpt_chgbl_dev_ident"
Length = 4

and after having compiled the ddr.dbase with ddr_config to create an updated /etc/ddr.db,
at the next reboot, these disk devices may receive another dsk-name, since you changed the way they represent their WWID to the OS.