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ubable to get pty in HP ux

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Harikrishnan L
Frequent Advisor

ubable to get pty in HP ux

HI folkes,

In hp-ux 11.31 there is problem to loading terminal while trying to open the terminal in system console it show the error "unable to get pty". I checked the /dev/pty* file permition with another server no changes on this.

Kindly help to get the terminal.

Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: ubable to get pty in HP ux

My first thought...

1) how many current pty/network connections do you have running ? ( who |wc -l)

2) what is your kernel npty and nstrpty set to ? ( kctune|grep pty )

if #2 is 60 and #1 is at or close to 60 then you may need to increase the number of allowed ptys..

kctune npty=100
kctune nstrpty=100

insf -en 100

Harikrishnan L
Frequent Advisor

Re: ubable to get pty in HP ux

Thanks yar,

Your solution is worked for me.