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unlock/lock accounts with non-Trusted system

Kevin Liquori_1
Regular Advisor

unlock/lock accounts with non-Trusted system

I'm configuring security settings on my first 11.31 system. I want to move away from Trusted System configuration as it's being phased out. With Trusted I was used to using modprpw to lock/unlock an account. With shadow password and Standard Mode Security Extensions it seems that there is no equivalent. I can run:

passwd -l to lock an account but this will replace the password entry with *.
passwd -d to unlock an account but this removes the password entry.

I'm looking for an option that will allow me to unlock the account and retain the previous password. Is this possible?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: unlock/lock accounts with non-Trusted system


Might want to check out this link.


There are options not present on the man page that are undocumented as far as I know.

I believe this setup is a security measure. If the account gets locked the password has to change.

Steven E Protter
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Kevin Liquori_1
Regular Advisor

Re: unlock/lock accounts with non-Trusted system

Thanks, Steven. I've been looking at that manual this morning but haven't been able to find my answer there. Like you say, it may be by design.