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up2date did not finish

Elena Leontieva
Esteemed Contributor

up2date did not finish


I ran up2date and all the packages have been loaded to the server, but at the installation step the connection to the RedHat web site timed out. How can finish installation from the command line?

Thank you,
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Re: up2date did not finish

Could you mention the exact step followed.

here is what i follow
Installation steps:

â ¢ Make sure that the Skip List of kernel packages are in place while performing the up2date. Below is a standard config.

rhn]# grep -i skip up2date|grep -i kernel

â ¢ up2date --dry-run this is the safest method to check if the up2date is working as desired. This option is a preview mode of running up2date. Please verify the skip list in the output. Kernel packages need to be skipped.

â ¢ up2date up2date

â ¢ up2date -u â d this will download the new software from the satellite server to the local machine under /var/spool/up2date. Checking this directory also what all packages being selected to install

â ¢ up2date â u this will install the downloaded software. This step is mandatory to be run on the outage window