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upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env

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upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env

All Experts,

I am handling the hp-ux server of version 11.23 and sap application running on it and need your suggestion on the following up gradation scenario--

(1) Actually we are planning to upgrade the java from current version JDK to JDK so I have downloaded the sdk14_14222_pa.depot ….

Also I have gone through the1.4.2.22 release notes

I am not sure so I wanted to confirm the following points before implementing it on production server.

(2) To upgrade java should I uninstall the current version first? And then install the latest one ?

(3) instead of /tmp can I use any source file like

Swinstall -s /any source dir /sdk14_14222_pa.depot

(Is this Extension of file ok or do we need any other format while installation)

(4) What will be the pre and post requisite steps should I follow apart from taking full backup?

(5) After installation, do we need to add or set any path variable like /opt/java1.4/bin ...and how to add this it like ENV variable….. not sure .....

(6) Do I need to restart the server after upgrading the java?

Your help will be appreciated sincerely to complete this task on production environment.

Thank you kindly. Have you all great time.


Honored Contributor

Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env


May I know which is the OS version and which hardware?

3. You may use any path where the depot file is present.

The name doesnt matter. It should be an installable depot

4.Pre requesity is regarding hp-ux , I would suggest to take latest ignite backup and backing up the kernal.

Other prerequesite (like kernel parameter) should be done as per the application doc.

5. Adding path is normal , you may export it ( I dont knw if specifically the path should be adde for jdk)
6. I can't see any where it is mentioned to reboot after the installation in the given release notes.


"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity" - Dennis Ritchie
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env

You have the correct methods.

I would suggest that if you have not tested your application with this minor update that you make sure you have a copy of just in case you decide to revert back to the old version.

It is great to have an ignite image but recovering a whole system for something as trivial as a java update may not be prudent.

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Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env


Thanks for quick reply , details of server are :--


OS of server-- B.11.23 U 9000/800

processes/address type PA-RISC 64-bit mode

model 9000/800/L2000-44

(2)As per the Release notes ....

". If you have a previous installation of 1.4, please uninstall it using swremove and move any personal files from your existing /opt/java1.4 directory before you begin the new installation. "

Does it mean if version is older i.e jdk 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.1 in that case only we have uninstall first and the install or uninstallation of is require first before going to .

Thank you Kindly.


Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env

Simply swremove the earlier 1.4 version.. You can keep the older 1.2 and 1.3 versions if you would like.

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Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env


Thanks for your ongoing support always.

As Tim suggested,

Does it mean i should uninstall the current one i.e and then install the ? or is it fine with just upgrade the without uninstalling current ?

As per the sap note, before upgrading to there are recommended patches are given like



(1) PHNE_36257

When I am searching for this patch in itrc patch database for 11.23 it shows me recommended and most recent one

In this case which should select from recommended or from most recent one ⠦each column having the different posted date ⠦⠦

Should we check the latest date from recommended one or from most recent one ? or

Do we have to select the all recommended one ?

All of the patches having dependancy so after dowloading ( recommended or most recent ? ) with their dependacy i have to run the create depot script of each one but how i can club all in one depot using swcopy so that i can install all of them at time .

Is there any single bundle or depot having the latest Jdk1.4.2.22 along with their recommended patches together ?

Thanks in advance and have a gr8 time !


Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env

Download all the required patches and dependencies (pick the recommended patches) into one location, /tmp for example. Then use these simple scripts to collect them into one depot for installation:

cd /tmp
for i in PH*
sh $i

mkdir /my_patch_depot
for i in PH*.depot
swcopy -s ${PWD{/$i \* @ /my_patch_depot

Then you can swinstall from /my_patch_depot.


James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: upgrading java from jdk1.4.2.11 to on production Env


Using the Patch Database on the ITRC site, select the recommended versions of the patches you need. Collect them in the Patch Database "cart". Patch dependencies will automatically be added to the list you select. Don't worrry if you already have these patches on your server; they will not be reinstalled unless you specifically trigger that (and you don't normally do that).

When you are done selecting patches, choose the vehicle you want to use for their transport. I like to use 'gzip'. Once the file is on your server, you will find it contains a '/create_depot_hp-ux_11*' script. Run this script (it has help if you pass '-h' as its runtime switch).

This will copy the individual patches into a depot that will allow you to run 'swinstall' against.

You will find that this guide answers the questions you may have: