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use screen error

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use screen error

I have several servers , I use the command "screen -R -T vt220" , it is ok to open another session to login ,

but I found that one server have probelm , even I use the same command , the display screen change , the line changed to question mark (?) , I tried to use vt100 , TERM but still not work , can advise what can i do ? thx
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Re: use screen error

Welcome to the ITRC Forums!

If there is an existing screen session, "screen -R" will reconnect you to it. If the -R option finds an existing session, the "-T vt220" option will be ignored.

With screen it's possible to detach the screen session from your terminal, leaving it running in the background while you log out. Later you can log back in from another terminal, reconnect to the screen session and review the output of the session from the time you were logged out.

If a connection to the server is lost while you're using screen, your session is automatically detached - so it's a good way to protect long-term jobs from accidental interruptions if you have unreliable network connectivity.

Your one server probably has a detached screen session running some program that displays a question mark prompt. Run "screen -list" to verify this.

If you don't know how to stop the program with the question mark prompt, the brute-force solution would be to reconnect to the session with "screen -R", then use the Ctrl-a k keystroke to "kill" the session. The screen should display a prompt at the bottom of the screen, saying something like "Really kill this window (y/n)?" If you press "y", the program will be killed.

If the screen session has multiple windows in it, you may have to do this multiple times. Once you see the message "[screen is terminating]", the screen session is completely gone.