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user account management

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user account management to check user account last password change date

2.need to create the user account with the name of selva..but we remove one user account ..but on that time we not remove the home is possible to. Change the home directory name



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Re: user account management

How to check last account locked date
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Re: user account management

Trusted System:

/usr/lbin/getprpw -r -m alock,lockout,culogin,ulogint someuser

##where alock =administrator lock, lockout =reason for a lockout, culogin =consecutive number of unsuccessful logins so far, and ulogint =time of last unsuccessful login


Non-Trusted System:

/usr/bin/passwd -r files -s someuser

##where PS =passworded; LK =locked; and NP =no password.


check man pages for getprpw(1M) and passwd(1) for more details.

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