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useracc failed

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useracc failed

When i try to bring up WAS in HP-UX and do heavy transactions,core dump is getting formed with following error

sendsig: useracc failed. 0x9fffffffb977be00 0x00000000005000

Pid 25126 was killed due to failure in writing the signal context - possible stack overflow.

Kindly assist

Re: useracc failed

As it said, you either have a main stack or a thread stack overflow.
You need to get a stack trace (use gdb) to determine which.
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Re: useracc failed

This is the first time I am told to analyse core dump..I dont know much about this..can u pls elaborate on it

Re: useracc failed

On the WDB page you can find this document:
Debugging core files using HP WDB

Basically on the same system that caused the core dump:
$ file core
(Gives you the signal and up to 14 bytes of the basename of the executable.

$ gdb path-to/executable core
(gdb) bt
(gdb) q

If it is a main thread, you should see main at the bottom. If it is a thread, you should see some pthread on the bottom.

By taking the difference in the $sp register from the top and bottom frames, you can compute your current stack size.