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vPar storage migration

Occasional Contributor

vPar storage migration

Hi guys,


I need to move my vPars (11.31) from a storage array to a differente one in a different location and we need to use a storage based replica; I'd like to copy a DRD clone instead of the original root vg.  What I thought was like this:


  • replicate the volume;
  • before the split, reboot the system with no active service (and disable the auto startup of the services) and run the DRD utility to clone (REHOST) the rootvg on a dedicated volume and power off the system;
  • split the copy and masking;
  • on the target site create the profile for each vPar with network and the storage adapter (NPIV with AVIO driver) on the newly installed VSP;
  • start up  the vPars;
  • check if all the devices are available to the system;
  • check if all the VGs available to the system;
  • check the multipathing;
  • reconfigure the network interfaces (ip, heartbeat...);
  • start the services


Any suggestion?