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/var directory is full

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/var directory is full



On HP-UX B.11.11 I noticed that /var directory is 99% used.

I removed all file under /var/adm/crash and /var/tmp.

I reboot the system and now bdf command shows 96% used.

I know how to look for large files but I don't know whether I can delete them or not.


Please advice,



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Re: /var directory is full

Find out where your space is actually used by running this command: du -kx /var | sort -rn | head -30 These arfe the biggest directories. It's always better to search for big directories first. You may find a massive amount of space used by the diagnostic logs due to a problems with the hardware, or you might find a disabled printer that has dozens or jobs queued. Post the results and we can provide better choices for cleaning up /var. NOTE: /var and /tmp require regular maintenance (cleaning out junki files, etc). The /var/tmp/hp directory was created by a sysadmin and is probably not needed anymore. Check with the sysadmin to see if these depots have already been installed and are not used by other HP-UX systems.
Basant Sharma

Re: /var directory is full

>but I don't know whether I can delete them or not.


You can also use cleanup(1m) to remove superseded patches in /var/adm/sw/save/.

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Re: /var directory is full

Thank you both for your reply.


How can I monitor the /var directory via cron?

Can you recommend on any script or so?

Re: /var directory is full