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/var more then 90% full

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/var more then 90% full

/var more then 90% full


i want to clear the /var/adm/sw/save - if i clear the above mount points , it will impact os. pleae advise.

Patrick Wallek
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Re: /var more then 90% full

DO NOT manually remove anything from the /var/adm/sw/save directory.  Doing so will negatively impact your ability to roll back any patches or software that has been installed via 'swinstall'.


What you need to do is clean up the area via the 'cleanup' command.


To remove all patches that have been superseded at least once, you can use the command 'cleanup -c 1'.


You should also check other areas of your /var file system.  Do the following:


# cd /var

# du -ks * | sort -n


This will give you a list of all sub-directories under /var and their sizes.  The last directories in the list will be the largest.  You can go down the list and use the 'du' command above in each subdirectory to see where you largest users of disk space are.

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Re: /var more then 90% full




The cleanup -c command can be executed to commit all patches that have
      been superseded at least the specified number of times.  The only
      benefit from committing patches is that disk space will be recovered
      in the /var/adm/sw/savedirectory.

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