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vg in lvmtab

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vg in lvmtab


i have hpux 11.00. i created a test vg named vgtest on server to check some disks. Then, we have been told to remove that vg and pvremove the disk. As i was on leave, so my colleague did that job. what he did,

1. he unmounted the LVs.
2. remove the VG directory from /dev
3. and pvremove the two disk that were in VG.

Now, i can see that vgtest is still in lvmtab file. and when i try to vgexport or vgremove it, it give me an error:-

# vgexport vgtest
vgexport: "/dev/vgtest/group": not a character device.
vgexport: Couldn't export volume group "vgtest".

as it is unable to find its group file, as its directory does not exist. plz help on this.
James R. Ferguson
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Re: vg in lvmtab

Hi Vishu:

You colleague failed to follow correct LVM procedures.


# mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/lvmtab.old
# vgscan -av
# vgchange -a y
# lvlnboot -R

Now, if you have alternate links to any volume groups, you may need to reorder them by doing 'vgreduce' and 'vgextend' to demote primary links to secondary ones and promote secondary links to primary ones, respectively.


Mel Burslan
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Re: vg in lvmtab

mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/

this should rebuild your lvmtab
in case of a problem you still have a saved copy of lvmtab file.

Hope this helps
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Re: vg in lvmtab

Hi Vishnu,

As the above posts say, you need to use vgscan to rescan the volume groups in the server and to update the lvmtab.

Using vgexport to remove the vg from the server will be a good practice.This is the safest way.This will remove the corresponding entries from lvmtab also.

/usr/sbin/vgexport [-m mapfile] [-p] [-v] [-f outfile] vg_name

/usr/sbin/vgexport -m mapfile -s -p -v vg_name

Sajjad Sahir
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Re: vg in lvmtab

Dear friend

Please do vgscan as mentioned above
vgscan will Recovering and recreating the /etc/lvmtab file when the file has been deleted or does not match the current physical volumes.
and reporting device special file lists for unconfigured volume groups.

thanks and regards

Sajjad Sahir

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Re: vg in lvmtab

>> 2. remove the VG directory from /dev

Deleting device files will not remove the VG entries!

Use "vgremove" next time!

Hope this helps!

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sujit kumar singh
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Re: vg in lvmtab


as pvremove has been done vgscan as run with option -av should recreate the /etc/lvmtab afresh without that VG entry.