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Ron Irving
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We have an older N4000 beast running our dev environment across a xc500 Clarion. We are in the process of moving the functionality over to a new(er) rp7410. What would be the process, (if there is one,) to 'vgimport' from the N4000, (11.11,) to the 7410, (11.23?)

If you need any more info, please let me know.
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: vgimport

Hi Ron:

The manpages for 'vgimport' and 'vgexport' should provide the guidance you need. There are even different examples.


Ganesan R
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Re: vgimport

Yes, you are right. Just export the vg from N4000 and import it on rp7410.

On N4000
#vgexport -v -s -m /tmp/ vgname

copy the map file to rp7410

on rp7410:

#mkdir /dev/vgxx
#mknod /dev/vgxx/group c 64 0x000001
#vgimport -v -s -m /tmp/ vgname
#vgchange -a y vgname

Create mount points and mount it.
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Re: vgimport

Yes, vgexport/vgimport process.

On a quick:

1)Show the vg luns to the new 7410 server
2)on the n4000, vgexport -s -v -p -m /tmp/ vg
3)on the 7410, create the new vg dir(mkdir,mknod, etc..). then import the vg:
vgimport -s -v -m /tmp/ vg
4)on the n4000,unmount the fs,vgchange -a n the vg
5)on the 7410, vgchange -a y, mount ..
6) unmap the luns from the n4000

And you are done.
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Re: vgimport

Hi Ron,

vgexport the groups from the N4000. Then mask the respective LUNs to the rp7410 (in case of shared storage) or move over the disks to the new system (in case of data residing on local disks). Then vgimport the groups on the rp7410, create mountpoints, update fstab, etc ....

Since you mention a different OS version on the new host (11.23), don't forget to check your application vendor for support of this HPUX version. We've had a case where this kind of boxswap did not work because of the application not being supported on 11.23, even on PA-RISC.

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Re: vgimport